What happened to Jennifer Hoffman? ‘No longer in the Netherlands’

What’s going on with Jennifer Hoffman? We have not heard anything from the actress after her media feud with the biographer of the Meilandjes. “She is no longer in the Netherlands.”


It was an entertaining media spat about ten months ago: the one between Jennifer Hoffman and Jan Dijkgraaf, the biographer of the Meilandjes. He thought it was very hypocritical that she wanted to join Extinction Rebellion but did not want to give up flying. She was really angry about that accusation of hypocrisy. “You don’t know me at all!”

Where’s Jennifer?

It’s now almost a year later, but we never hear from Jennifer again. What on earth is she up to? Well, not much. Literal. “We are currently living in the Pyrenees for six months, in the family home of Dorian (her husband, ed.),” she explains in LINDA.loves.

Jennifer walks around there very unkempt. “My style now is mainly styleless. I put on what fell next to my bed. Jeans, thermal clothing, shoes from Blundstone. And a lot of clothes from Dorian, because he brought more.”

‘There’s nothing here’

What does she do all day in the Pyrenees? “Life here, at a thousand meters altitude and alone on a mountain, is challenging. Not exactly an idyllic environment with cozy market squares, as I used to imagine living abroad. There is nothing here, and I am no one anymore, but in the boredom time – and sometimes the frustration – lies the development.”

She continues: “I also realize what a luxurious position we are in that we can do this. And Cooper, our son, is flourishing here. In Amsterdam only his head is happy, here his whole body is happy – because of the cows, the sheep and the walks we take. Because nature is magical.”


How does Jennifer keep life exciting among the cows and sheep? How does she stay attractive to her husband? Does she have a tip? “I would like to destroy the Snuggs menstrual underwear. Fantastic stuff and durable.”

What if she doesn’t menstruate? “My nice full boys have become sweet, soft flaps, but I still like to put the boys in lingerie. On the outside I am basic, but underneath I can look nice with brands like Aubade, Bamboo Basics and Agent Provocateur. I do that for myself, because Dorian has nothing to do with it. “Can it work out?” he then shouts.”


Jennifer lives in silence: