What engine will Alonso’s Aston Martin use in 2023?

02/06/2023 at 19:29


Aston Martin, Alonso’s new team in Formula 1, will use the most reliable engine in 2022

Alonso and Stroll are already working at Silverstone, the team’s headquarters to prepare for the 2023 F1 World Cup

The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso He is already warming up for his debut with Aston Martin in it Formula 1 World Cup of 2023.

The Spanish pilot, who He already went to Silverstone to see the headquarters of his new team and his new carYou will have to adapt to many new features, a new car, new staff and also a new engine.

Alonso already works in the strength of Aston Martin | AMF1

This season, Alonso will use a Mercedes engine again after many years (in his first stage at McLaren), since Aston Martin He is a client of the house of the star, just like williams and McLaren.


One of the a priori favorable factors that this change of Alonso is that the Mercedes engine was the one that showed the most reliability last season 2022, in which Fernando suffered up to six retirements in the race with the Alpine A522. Of the eight cars that carried the Mercedes power unit, only three penalized for changing more elements than allowed throughout the season.

As for the Aston Martin drivers in 2022, neither Stroll neither Vettel They penalized going to the back of the grid for changing the engine, as most of the drivers on the grid had to do. With the three allowed engines it was enough for them. Neither latifi, albon neither ricciardo. The only ones who penalized with motorized cars for brackley were norris, hamilton and Russell.

On the other hand, Mercedes engines lost power compared to their rivals until the formula was found to adapt to the new biofuel used by F1.

In his 19 seasons in Formula 1, Fernando Alonso He has driven for five teams and has used engines Renault, Ferrari, Honda, European and Mercedes.