What does it look like when you dye your hair from blonde to brunette?

Sacha Hautakoski from Järvenpää got tired of his blonde hair and put his hair to a new faith.

Sacha’s hair before the big makeover.

Lives in Järvenpää Sacha Hautakoski, 32, has spent most of her life in blonde hair. Sacha feels that blonde hair suits her better.

– Every autumn, it comes to my mind that I would like to tear out and dye my hair, she says.

This fall, the dream didn’t just remain at the level of thought, but Sacha revolutionized her entire look.

Sacha has enjoyed blonde hair most of her life.

Sacha had booked a trip to the hairdresser in advance, but the plans changed completely a couple of days before entering the hairdresser.

He had thought of adding more light stripes, but decided now was the time to change the color. The blonde hair was allowed to stay, when a mahogany brown color was put in its place.

As so often in autumn, warm brown tones are trendy this fall as well.

The transformation is the work of Sacha’s Aunt Sheila.

The decision to cut the hair happened in an instant

He hadn’t thought of compromising on the length.

– The ends were in such bad shape that the hairdresser suggested that we cut them a bit at the same time, he begins.

Sacha decided that if the tops are cut once, then we can cut them properly at the same time.

– I said that as long as the length stays below the chin, everything is fine.

He didn’t want his curls cut any shorter than this.

– I didn’t want to look like a bowling ball, Sacha says with a laugh.

Sacha’s hair is now the size of a short polka dot. This cut is also called the French polka dot.

Sacha likes the new hairstyle a lot.

“The hairstyle immediately looked really fresh”

Sacha is really happy with his bold makeover. She feels that her hair now looks neater and neater.

– The hairstyle immediately looked really fresh, Sacha describes.

He has also received a lot of good feedback about his transformation.

There are a few exceptions.

– Some good friends have said directly that blonde suits me better. Some think the hairstyle is a bit aunty, Sacha laughs.

However, the most important thing for him is that he himself likes the hairstyle.

The hairdresser gives advice on how to make the curls last in your hair.

Photos: Sacha’s home album