Robert ten Brink was taken off the tube early by RTL 4. His program Opvoeding Doe Je Zo was supposed to take six episodes, but has been reassembled into five episodes.

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    In addition to Sterrenbeurs, it is one of the biggest flops in Robert ten Brink’s career: Upbringing Doe Je Zo, the parenting program that has been shown on RTL 4 in recent weeks. The program has flopped mercilessly: last week Robert even fell in for the first time. fifteen years out of the top 25 ratings.

    Taken off the tube

    Actually, Opvoeding Doe Je Zo was supposed to run for six episodes, but the fifth episode suddenly turned out to be the final episode yesterday. And even that, with 352 thousand viewers (8 percent market share), was unable to conquer a place in the daily top 25 viewership. “It was also the worst format of this TV season so far,” says former SBS 6 boss Tina Nijkamp. .

    She continues: “Luckily, the nightmare is finally over, this was the last episode. RTL has therefore shortened the series by one episode. Originally there were supposed to be six episodes. Happy. Next week, the Matched by Mom program will be broadcasted at that location.”

    What does Özcan think?

    Özcan Akyol also responds to this megaflop by Robert in his letter section in the VARA guide. A reader asks him why RTL did this to him. “Does his landlord have to do that?”

    No, Özcan thinks. “I assume that a classy with his status is not put on jobs that he doesn’t feel like at all. I mean, that does happen at Talpa, where all the b-stars have to sit down at Shownieuws, but at RTL I believe they have a little more professional honor, just to call it that.”

    Detection on one

    NPO 1 was the big winner on prime time yesterday with 1.1 million viewers (24 percent) for Opsporing Verzocht. Afterwards, The Most Beautiful Girl of the Class also managed to record excellent viewing figures. 891 thousand people (20 percent) watched it.

    The silver is for SBS 6 – Family Gillis scored 722 thousand viewers (15 percent) and Today Inside had 811 thousand (19 percent) – and the bronze for NPO 2. Krabbé Zoekt Kahlo came out at 447 thousand viewers (9 percent) and Nieuwsuur at 692 thousand viewers (15 percent).

    Viewing figures

    The viewing figures of Tuesday, September 27, 2022 (SKO):

    Top 15

    Market shares (18-24h, 6+)

    01. News 20:00 (NPO1) 2.004.00001. NPO1 / 25.4%
    02. Half past seven news (RTL4) 1.252.00002. RTL4 / 15.1%
    03. EenVandaag (NPO1) 1.206.00003. SBS6 / 12.5%
    04. News 18:00 (NPO1) 1,179,00004. NPO2 / 9.6%
    05. Investigation Requested (NPO1) 1,120,00005.NET5/4.7%
    06. The Evening Show with Arjen Lubach (NPO1) 1.027,00006. RTL7 / 4.4%
    07. The Most Beautiful Girl in the Class (NPO1) 891.00007. NPO3 / 3.9%
    08. RTL Boulevard (RTL4) 862.00008. RTL5 / 3.9%
    09. Today Inside (SBS6) 811,00009. Vero / 3.4%
    10. Op1 (NPO1) 738,00010. RTL8 / 2.2%
    11. Edition NL (RTL4) 736.00011. Discov / 1.5%
    12. Gillis family (SBS6) 722.00012. Ziggo / 1.4%
    13. With the knife on the table (NPO2) 715,00013. BBC / 1.1%
    14. Heart of the Netherlands (SBS6) 711,00014. RTLZ / 1.0%
    15. Khalid & Sophie (NPO1) 692,00015. SBS9 / 0.8%

    Market shares per channel group (18-24h, 6+)

    More viewing figures at:

    01. Public Broadcasting 38.9%
    02. RTL Netherlands 26.7%
    03. Talpa TV 21.4%

    Programs that did not make the top 15 include GTST (682 thousand), Jinek (564 thousand), Time for MAX (517 thousand), 112 Today (442 thousand), Shownieuws (417 thousand), HLF8 (332 thousand), A Year Of Your Life (308 thousand), Ewout (306 thousand), Four hands on one belly (278 thousand) and Lingo (205 thousand).