What did Julia Mengolini answer to Javier Milei?

“For the first time in more than 10 years, Argentina saved money. Consistency, please”, posted the president of the NationJavier Milei, on his Instagram account. The president uploaded that message to the feed along with a black and white image of himself and his Minister of EconomyLuis Caputo.

“Long live freedom, damn it,” he closed the publication. Among the almost 9 thousand comments and almost 142 thousand likes, a response from the journalist stood out prominently. Julia Mengolini. “At the cost of hunger, genius. You created 3 million poor people in two months”, was the response of the founder of Futurerock.


Moments after the communicator’s message, Luis Caputo left a comment pointing to the intervention made by Mengolini. “It is an achievement of all Argentines. It was never said that it would be easy, but it is the path to heal our country and begin to grow. “Keep supporting!” clarified the head of the Ministry of Economy.


A few days ago, the national government announced the first financial surplus in 20 years. “This is the first time since August 2012 that the national government spends less than it collects,” celebrated the Pink House. In January, a financial surplus of 518,408 million pesos was recorded, after discounting the primary surplus of more than 2 billion the payment of almost 1.5 billion for the payment of debt interests. With this result, Javier Milei’s government managed to ensure that the balance was not in deficit.

On the other hand, the UCA Social Observatory projected that the population in a situation of indigence went from 9.6% in the third quarter of 2023 to 14.2% in December 2023 and 15% in January 2024. While the poverty level rose from 44.7% observed in the third quarter of 2023 to 49.5% in December and 57.4% in January. The data is included in the Report “Estimation of the effects of the post-devaluation Inflationary Impact. Scenario for December 2023 and January 2024” of the university body.

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