What Carla Peterson said after the defeat of Martín Lousteau in the PASO

I am going to dedicate these words to martin lousteau with whom I share my life 12 years ago. And of whom I am proud because she is the most upright, strong, generous and brave person. I admire her temperance, her courage and her clarity. Her heart is huge and her light shines through the darkness. As the city’s candidate, you were and are the best”, were the first public words that Carla Peterson I dedicate it to his partner, Martin Lousteau, on his Instagram account.

The pre-candidate from Buenos Aires could not overcome Jorge Macri, his rival in the internal Together for Change in the PASSED. After weeks of controversies and stinging statements between the two candidates, the results of the primaries favored Mauricio Macri’s cousin with 28.66% against the 27.16 of the economist. A slight difference of almost 27,000 votes positioned the former mayor of Vicente López as the coalition representative in the city’s general elections.

“You presented proposals for the things that really are priority and fundamental. Others did not want to debate or exchange accordingly, demonstrating the usual lack of interest in front of the citizens. But I wish it had been just that… that’s it”, continued the actress, with a shot for Macri, and added: “I know that you will continue collaborating and differentiating yourself from those who only throw slogans or fashionable phrases, and only fight, generating more division”.

The dedication of the actress continues with a list of thanks to “the people who trusted and were excited to take this ship to another port.” Seconds later, Martin Lousteau’s partner posted a second part of the message with more romantic overtones: “You proved to be sensitive and defended your flags without making false promises. You are my pride, my love and everything. I will always accompany you. Because I believe in your strength and in your way of seeing things. Always putting yourself in the place of the other”.

Martin Lousteau

After the defeat of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and martin lousteau in the internships of Together for Change, the coalition was left in the hands of the hawks, led by Patricia Bullrich. As Carla Peterson’s publication suggests, on this stage, Lousteau only has to accompany.

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