“What are these leather blankets?”

AW Yrjänä’s lyrics make Robin Packalen think.

Only life – program has a turn AW Yrjänen day. By Robin Packalenia ponders the lyrics of Yrjänän’s CMX band.

– What are these… there were leather blankets and some miraculous things, Robin asks the other artists.

AW Yrjänä answers Robin by showing the skin of her palm.

– One hotel in Joensuu used to have leather bedspreads, Yrjänä continues.

For the second time, Robin is participating in the Vain länää program. Henri Kärkkäinen

Robin told the program’s press conference in August how Yrjänä’s ambiguous and artistic lyrics gave him a headache.

– AW Yrjänä’s vocabulary seems to be so comprehensive. He uses words that the rest of us don’t use, a completely incomprehensible train of thought! He’s an extraordinary character, Robin marveled.

Robin performed his own interpretation of CMX’s song. Petri Aho

When the lyrics went over the edge, so to speak, Robin changed the lyrics of the CMX song he performed into new ones, suitable for his own mouth.

It’s AW Yrjännä’s day in the Only life program. Petri Aho

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