West Flemish people turn French windmill

West Flemish people turn French windmill

It is a wooden post mill that has been completely renovated. The mill is protected as a historic monument in France. But now that the mill can run again, they find no millers there. That’s why Hans Deback, Andy Leewerck and Mathijs Cool are joining us. They had previously run the Lijstermolen in Westouter, also a post mill from the same period.

Andy Leewerck: “In West Flanders, we not only pay attention to the protection and restoration of the mill stock, there is also concern for the miller’s craft. Courses are regularly organized to learn how to work with a mill. We We know very well how to operate the mechanism of the Ondankmolen.”

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And so the three West Flemish volunteers can be responsible for the operation of the ‘Ondankmeulen’, as the people of Boeschepen call their showpiece. They even bake bread with ground grain from the Ondankmolen.

The mill is open every Sunday. But only when the wind is right will the three cross the border.