WerkPro takes over De Vermeer activity center in Assen from Daat-Drenthe: ‘It will also benefit the neighborhood soon’

Activities center De Vermeer on the Pelikaanstraat in Assen is taken over by WerkPro. Previously, De Vermeer, where 120 clients work under supervision, was part of the recently stopped Daat-Drenthe.

Under the name Daat-Drenthe, GGZ Drenthe had various apprenticeship locations in Beilen, Emmen and Assen. People who are at a distance from the labor market, for example because of psychological problems, worked here. The Daat-Drenthe locations have all been closed this year or in some cases have been taken over by other institutions. The latter has now also been successful for De Vermeer in Assen-East.

Preserved graphic center and bookbindery

At De Vermeer, 120 clients worked in the graphic center and the bookbindery, making it the largest location of Daat-Drenthe in Assen. Those two workplaces will continue to exist, says manager of daytime activities Ingrid Bousema of WerkPro. “De Vermeer is a very nice place, with a good atmosphere and good staff. We see plenty of opportunities to further develop De Vermeer together with the people there and the municipality of Assen.”

Almost all clients have already indicated that they also want to continue working at this location under the WerkPro banner. “That is also possible,” says Bousema. “In addition, we would very much like to do more for the neighborhood, so that there is more connection between De Vermeer and residents of this district. It would be great if we not only see clients enter here, but also many other residents of Assen. For a meeting or, for example, Wmo support. Then everyone benefits.”

Concern about closures

In addition to De Vermeer, WerkPro also recently took over the cycle Het Goed in Hoogeveen from Daat-Drenthe. Other Daat locations, including the Bicicleteria in Assen and De Korf in Beilen, have since been closed. The disappearance of those locations caused a lot of unrest among clients and staff. A petition to change GGZ Drenthe’s mind, was signed more than a thousand times, but to no avail.