Werder Bremen: Clemens Fritz should succeed Frank Baumann

Hm, as a Bremen sympathizer, I would have preferred someone external who could bring a little more expertise and experience to what is a very important position.

But you could expect it exactly as it is now official.

In the last few weeks, a lot of things have been going right at Bremen (mainly sporty, of course). As a result, the decision-makers earned a small loan from me.
So Fritz should get his chance.

In my opinion, there are crucial transfer phases ahead for Bremen: in the best case scenario, they still qualify for Europe, the squad can be kept together and those returning from loan (Dinkci) can be convinced to stay. Thanks to the investor group, it seems within the realm of possibility in my eyes.

If very good/almost perfect work is done in the near future, Bremen may be able to orient themselves towards the upper midfield again without having to fear relegation every season.

I would be very happy to be able to cheer on my people from Stuttgart and you from Bremen regularly during the week in the medium term. And I’m not talking about the DFB Cup or the English Bundesliga weeks. strong