Wendy van Dijk embarrassed in a room full of celebrities: ‘Hilarious’

Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard continue to be haunted by that merciless shot during the 2017 Televizier gala in which they sit next to each other, chewing a bowl and bored…


The direction of the Televizier party depicted Erland Galjaard and Wendy van Dijk, then still the imperial couple of RTL 4, in their most unfavorable way: with their arms folded, a bit bored and busy chewing gum. They looked like two llamas; it even made the viewer’s jaw ache.

Worst crowd

It was a lesson for many celebrities: make sure you are a bit interested, because you can be photographed at any time. And that was also Peter Pannekoek’s central message to all the stars in that room prior to this year’s edition. But his message was only visible in the audience and not on TV…

Frits Huffnagel narrates Show news that he liked that of Peter. “The best part was that he started off so strongly, by immediately saying: ‘You are the worst audience there is’, so the entire room was immediately attacked by him.”

Wendy and DJ Errie

The audience was quite shocked by that, continues Dyantha Brooks. “We were shown fragments, because you tapped me to Bart, like: ‘Make sure you don’t look grumpy, because then you will be switched off’, and then Wendy and Erland came into the picture.”

Colleague Bart Ettekoven: “Yes, but that was never on TV.”

Dyantha: “No, only we saw that?”

Bart: “That was only in the room, yes.”

Slumped over

What exactly did the celebrities in the audience see? Bart: “They showed that example of Wendy and Erland who were completely slumped, a few years ago in Carré. Then they indeed did not tell us as an audience: ‘Guys, prevent that, otherwise this will be the result.’ And then they showed it, haha.”

Wendy has been put under heavy fire in a room full of celebrities. Dyantha: “Yes, hilarious.”