Weduwe van Aleksej Navalny deelt photo with daughter Dasha (23): “We comfort ourselves” | Dreiging Russia

It was less in a week after the Russian opposition was overshadowed by Aleksej Navalny (47), who had a photo with his 23-year-old daughter’s hair on X. “It’s strong, it’s nice and it’s nice,” writes Joelia Navalnaya in the picture. Navalny and Navalnaya hebben seeds two children.

Last week, Joelia Navalnaya lost her hair to Aleksej Navalny, the biggest speaker of Russian President Vladimir Poetin. Navalny was sentenced to 30 years in prison for ‘extremism’. The Kremlin has nothing to do with Navalny’s death, but the family of the opposition unfortunately believes that “Poetin and her friends” are responsible for her decision.

Navalnaya was op de Veiligheidsconferentie in the German language Munich toen ze het nieuws over haar man te horen kreeg. The Russian has two children with Navalny, the 23-year-old Dasha and the 15-year-old Zakhar, and they also live in Germany.

Aleksej Navalny and her wife Joelia, her daughter Dasha and her son Zakhar in 2019. © AP

“Je bent zo sterk”

This is the first photo of a hair and hair daughter who studies at the American University of Stanford. Op de photo highlights mother and daughter but also a disturbing view. “I love everything. I’ve been lying here for a while and I’m staring, and now I’m talking to me and I’m staring. It’s strong, fashionable and powerful. We’ll let you use everything you need. I don’t want to see anything in my life. I know how to do it,” writes Navalnaya in the photo.

Kort na Navalny’s dood haalde Navalnaya in videoboodschap fel uit naar president Poetin. “Hij heeft niet zomaar aen man died. Hij heeft Aleksej Navalny vermoord, om zo onze hoop, now vrijheid en now toekomst weg te nemen,” Aldus Navalnaya. In the video you can also see the work of hair in the pictures.

KIJK. Kort na Navalny’s dood haalde zijn weduwe fel uit naar Poetin: “Hij heeft mijn man vermoord”

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