WEATHER REPORT. Changeable and wet weather, in the High Ardennes showers can take on a wintery character | Weather news

Today/Monday the weather is changeable with mostly clouds and occasional showers, which can take on a wintry character in the evenings in the High Ardennes. The maxima vary from 3 degrees in the High Ardennes to 9 degrees in the west of Belgium. This is reported by the RMI.

Monday evening there will be a few showers inland, which will later move away towards Germany. The minima are between 0 degrees in the High Fens and 3 to 4 degrees in Flanders.

TuesdayIn the morning it will be mainly dry with a few clear spells, but the clouds will quickly increase and in the west of the country it will rain before noon. In the afternoon there will also be light to moderate rain in the center and the east, and temporary melting snow in the High Ardennes. The maxima are only recorded at the end of the afternoon and fluctuate between 2 and 9 degrees.

WednesdayIn the morning it is still rainy in the southeast, but in the rest of the country it is mainly dry with clear spells. In the afternoon sun and clouds alternate with a few more showers. The maxima fluctuate between 5 and 11 degrees.

ThursdayIn the morning there may still be some local clearance, but it is often already cloudy with a few showers. During the course of the day, the clouds will increase and a new and active rain zone will move through the country from the southwest. The maxima, which are reached at the end of the day, are between 5 and 11 degrees.

Friday it will be partly cloudy with a few showers during the day. In the southeast of the country it is still rainy in the morning. The maxima fluctuate around 10 degrees in most regions.