Weather forecast for spring break in Zoetermeer: ​​’No real winter cold’

The spring break is about to start in Zoetermeer. Then it is useful to know what the weather forecast is for the coming week. Floris Lafeber, meteorologist at Weeronline.nlmakes a prediction.

Floris starts with the weekend: “Saturday it often remains dry with cloud fields and sunny moments. It will be the best day of the weekend, because quite a bit of rain is expected again on Sunday. The average temperature is 10 degrees both days.”

Longer dry periods

There is relatively good news for holidaymakers in the Netherlands, according to Floris, because after the weekend there is often room for longer dry periods in which the sun can occasionally break through. “There is still a chance of a few showers on Monday, but for now Tuesday seems to be dry. The sun may certainly shine for a while, but it will most likely not have sun-drenched parts of the day.”

No real winter cold

How the weather will turn out later in the week is still somewhat uncertain, according to Floris: “There are signals of downright changeable and even stormy weather, but also scenarios for drier weather. The mercury probably reaches around 10 degrees during the day and during the nights it often remains above freezing. Holidaymakers do not have to count on real winter cold.”

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