A cold and sunny day. Except in the west and center of the country. There they start with fog. As a result, code yellow applies to fog for most of the morning. After that it will also be sunny there.

    Today start the day cold and sunny. Some (freezing) fog is only possible in the west and center. There, code yellow applies to fog until 11 a.m. From then on the fog dissolves everywhere and the sun appears. Maximums rise to 2 °C to 5 °C. A light wind blows from variable directions.

    Tonight and tonight it stays clear for a long time. Only in the second part of the night does fog appear. This is mainly in the coastal region and Polders. With minima between -2 °C and -6 °C, it can also freeze. The wind is blowing weakly from variable or southeasterly directions.

    Tomorrow is that freezing fog still present in the west of the country. However, the fog quickly disappears and gives way to a blue sky and bright sun like in the rest of the country. Maximums are between 3 °C and 7 °C. The wind is blowing weakly from the southeast.

    Thursday the day starts sunny but in the afternoon a disturbance causes more clouds from the west. It remains largely dry, although some dripping is not excluded locally. The temperature fluctuates during the day between 2 °C and 8 °C. A weak to moderate wind is blowing from the southwest.

    Friday we end the working week with a cloudy morning followed by a variable cloudy afternoon with some clear spells. And that at maxima of 4 °C to 6 °C. The wind is blowing weak to moderate from the southwest.