We tested wonderful pampering treatments: the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

An effective facial treatment or a relaxing pampering treatment is at Takuu a pleasant gift for an important person this Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for a guaranteed gift idea for Valentine’s Day, we recommend resorting to the perfect alternative: a care gift card.

Many do not bother to pamper themselves or take care of themselves regularly with professionals, and therefore a gift card for a beautician, massage or treatments is usually a particularly desirable option.

A care gift card is a guaranteed gift idea for a loved one. Kamil Majdanski / Alamy Stock Photo

We tested four different treatments that are perfect as a gift for a loved one.

Sothys Detox Energie special facial treatment

Clinic: Sothys Helsinki. Sothys series treatments are offered by several treatment centers across Finland.

Price: 150 euros.

Duration: 75 minutes.

Treatment promise: A brightening and energizing special treatment that wakes up your skin and helps it protect itself from the harmful and prematurely aging effects of external stress.

Course of treatment: The facial treatment includes surface cleansing, three-effect peeling under warm steam, mechanical skin cleansing, a protective spray, a facial massage with a powerful serum that treats energy points, a relaxing face and shoulder massage, and a brightening, triple-effect vitamin C special mask. At the end of the treatment, you get the rejuvenating Detox energie serum, which can enhance the treatment results. The serum lasts about a week.

How it feels: At the beginning of the treatment, a mechanical skin cleansing was performed, which is felt on the face as small pinches. The phase is good and important, but it is not relaxing. However, after mechanical skin cleansing, wonderful pampering begins. During the treatment, you get a shoulder, head and face massage. In addition to this, the face and décolleté are treated with wonderfully scented products. The nurse tells you about the course of the treatment every time you move from one phase to another. Otherwise, during the treatment you can just accept and relax. During the treatment, I wanted to fall asleep, because I got into such a relaxed state during the facial massage. Feeling stress-free and good after the treatment.

The next day my face looks bright. The swelling has gone down and the face looks straighter than usual. I was nervous at first about how red the face might look after a mechanical skin cleansing, but there were hardly any signs of that on the skin. The face looked free and well cared for. Useful and wonderful treatment!

Vanilla-Monoi Body Escape body treatment

Clinic: Beauty oasis Heidi K. Bernard Cassier treatments are offered by several treatment centers across Finland.

Price: 120 euros.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Treatment promise: The luxuriously relaxing Vanilla-Monoi Body Escape body treatment from the French Bernard Cassier series promises a completely relaxed everyday life and cheers you up after a long winter. A pampering body treatment suitable for long-distance treatment brings the Tahiti tropics to the skin! The treatment removes dryness from the skin of the body and also brightens, nourishes, softens and beautifies the skin. The treatment includes a delicious oil peeling, a relaxing body massage and a moisturizing finishing cream.

Course of treatment: First, a cleansing and skin-softening full-body exfoliation is performed, after which the exfoliating agent is removed from the skin with moist warm compresses and the skin is dried. After that, an intoxicatingly fragrant body oil is applied to the skin, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin. The treatment continues with a gentle massage that relaxes the whole body and mind. At the end of the treatment, a deliciously scented brightening body cream is applied to the skin of the body, which leaves the skin beautifully glowing and soft.

How it feels: This massage did exactly what it promised, i.e. it completely relaxed and left the skin feeling soft and smooth. A relaxing, gentle and gentle treatment experience. The atmosphere was unhurried and I think I even dozed off on the treatment table. The whole body was gone through no less than three times, exfoliating, massaging and applying finishing creams: this guaranteed a restful and peaceful state of being and silky skin to take home. The luxurious care products smelling of vanilla and Tahitian monoï flower took the thoughts to a tropical sun vacation, even though the January snowstorm was raging outside.

Unna Nordic Metsäelämys treatment

Clinic: Hilla Helsinki Day Spa. Unna Nordic treatments are available in different parts of Finland.

Price: 125 euros.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Treatment promise: A forest treatment experience that combines skin care and relaxation. The Finnish Unna Nordic natural cosmetics series uses the best natural ingredients. This forest experience treatment offers a relaxing trip to the forest and an effective treatment for the skin. Treatments are always customized, according to the current condition of the customer’s skin. It is an experience treatment for all the senses.

Course of treatment: The treatments are tailored according to the customer’s wishes and skin needs. Unna Nordic’s forest experience is a treatment during which you receive many treatments at the same time. At the beginning, there will be a wonderful back massage. After this, we move on to the face area. Next is skin cleansing with products that care for and smell so enchanting that I enjoy every moment with full sips and holistically. After the long-term facial treatment, we move on to the hands: a wonderful and comprehensive treatment.

How it feels: I arrived at the treatment in a bit of a hurry, so I was feeling quite stressed. From the beginning of the treatment, these sensations disappeared. The nurse made me feel relaxed. Calm and relaxing music, the nurse’s gentle voice and grips made my shoulders and stress level go down.. I plan to make beauty treatments a habit from now on, because everyone should feel cared for and relaxed like this as often as possible.

The skin looks beautiful after the treatment. It glows brightly, feels moisturized and super satisfied. In addition to the skin, the lips look amazing: absolutely delicious, as they say. Feeling relaxed and completely satisfied. After the treatment, I don’t miss anything, but I want to hold on to the feeling of relaxation and peace for as long as possible. My skin has never looked this good! I feel confident and feel that if my skin always looked like this, I would never wear makeup again.

Thai herbal massage

Clinic: Green Oriental Spa. Herbal massage treatments available in selected treatment centers all over Finland. In addition to Helsinki, Thai Wellness Day Spas can be found in Finland’s largest cities.

Price: 89 euros.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Treatment promise: In this treatment package, traditional Thai massage is enhanced with Look Pra Kop cloth herbal dumplings heated with both oil and steam. The traditional dumpling at the center of the treatment has been used to enhance massage in Thailand for hundreds if not thousands of years. They contain, among other things, curcumin, lemongrass and cassia cinnamon. The gentle warmth of the herbal dumpling and the herbs calm the body and mind, while they help to open the muscles particularly effectively. The treatment relaxes and releases tension. Both body and mind calm down and relax. The stronger the pressure technique used, the more energetic and refreshing the massage experience. The treatment is finished with a soothing head massage.

Course of treatment: The treatment begins with a relaxing massage that opens and prepares the muscles. After the body has been massaged for a while, heated herbal dumplings are used to enhance the massage, which are used to go over the points where there is muscle tension. The herbs used in the dumpling relieve pain and inflammation in both muscles and joints. After the treatment, the treatment continued with an oil massage and the body was opened with stretches made using Thai technique. The treatment ended with a refreshing head massage.

How it feels: The relaxing, tender and comprehensive massage experience was first class. The masseuse’s skilful grips open muscle jams by effectively relaxing, but not painfully rubbing and yet not stroking too gently: a perfect massage experience. Muscle-relaxing, suitably warm herbal dumplings wrapped in cotton cloth enhance the massage, as they effectively open the muscles with the help of heat, similar to the lava stones used in hot stone massages. The aromatic world of the herbs contained in the dumplings is moderate and pleasant, although exotically aromatic. Despite the fact that the Treatment Center is located next to the gym and the hotel, there is absolutely no noise in the treatment room. In connection with the treatment, the gym’s sauna and shower facilities are available, where I could enjoy the steam after the massage all by myself. You walk out of the treatment a couple of centimeters taller, refreshed and rested.