‘We see a lot of divorce, poverty and loneliness’

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes you need a helping hand to navigate through tough times. In Zoetermeer stake exactly the helping hand you are looking for. Social workers Femke Kraamer and Jeanine van Beek explain how they support Zoetermeer residents with all kinds of life questions.

Jeanine and Femke both work for Kwadraad. This organization is part of stake and offers an extensive range of help with various issues. Jeanine explains: “We are ready to help with financial issues, relationship problems, bereavement and much more. We try to get a broad picture of what is going on in the lives of our clients and help them towards self-reliance.”

On the road together

Clients come in for an intake via Team Access from inZet. Femke: “We look at which areas of life suit them, such as education, benefits and relationships. This not only affects their situation, but also their self-esteem. Sometimes they don’t realize what steps they need to take to achieve their goals. We help them with that.”

An important aspect of Kwadraad’s work is the collaboration with agencies within inZet and the municipality. Jeanine emphasizes: “We know our way around the bureaucracy and work closely with other parties to support our clients. Sometimes a client appointment involves venting conversations, where it is important that our clients feel heard. We also provide advice. Occasionally we even go along to appointments.”

Specific questions for help

What are the current themes that social workers are focusing on? Jeanine explains: “We see a lot of divorces, poverty and loneliness, especially in our Buytenwegh De Leyens neighborhood. We investigate the request for help as a starting point to discover and tackle other problems.”

We stand next to the clients

Femke adds: “Our role is not to solve everything, but to think about solutions together with the clients. We are pleased to be able to stand by our clients and help them make improvements in their lives.”

Collaboration within inZet

As a partnership, inZet looks at which ones relief party in Zoetermeer best suits the request for assistance. Jeanine explains: “We work together on more complex cases and offer tailor-made solutions based on the needs of the clients.”

Femke emphasizes the importance of the collaboration with inZet: “It is important that a request for help comes through them because they know which agency offers the fastest route to the right help. Collaborations with other parties are easier under the inZet umbrella. As colleagues you know what everyone can do for each other’s clients.”

Witness to something very special

The work of inZet goes beyond just solving problems; it’s about restoring trust and supporting people in their strengths. Jeanine: “The best thing is to see how clients are proud of the steps they have taken. Some want to use their experience to help others. We are witnessing their transformation and that is something very special.”

Finally, Femke emphasizes: “It is wonderful to see that our clients can participate in society again once their problems have been resolved. betZet is there to help, regardless of your background or financial situation. We are there for all Zoetermeer residents who need support with their life questions.”

inZet is ready to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it, with empathy and expertise. Discover what inZet can do for you.