“We have been very bad in defense and it is my fault”

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The Real Madrid coach wanted to identify himself as the main culprit after the defeat against Atlético de Madrid in the derby

He also referred to the surprising substitution of Tchouaméni and the change of Modric in the half-time

Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, firmly accepted his team’s defeat against Atlético de Madrid (3-1), the first of the season, and explained it as a “defensive problem” and not an offensive one, at the same time that he admitted his responsibility for the failure of his own by declaring that it is his fault.

“It’s my fault,” he clarified.. “The team’s shape has not changed. We started in the diamond with Modric as a midfielder. It happened that we did not start the game well. We did not defend well. We were fragile in our area. We were not forceful. They went ahead 2 -0 and they played the game they wanted, defending well and with quick transitions. Atlético knows how to play very well like that. They are one of the best at defending,” he justified.

The coach confessed that the fact that the rivals are ahead on the scoreboard is an important problem that they must face. “It’s an important issue. There are many times that rivals have taken the lead early. Three times they have gone ahead and we have come back. “Today we were close to coming back but at 3-1 the game was over.”

Asked about the reason for Joselu’s absence in the starting eleven, Ancelotti pointed out that he thought he would have more control of the ball with one more midfielder. “It has been a problem of defensive fragility. It has not been a good night defensively. I don’t get into individualities. We have not defended as usual,” he stressed again.

The three goals have been a photocopy. A break to open the center backs and we were not well positioned in the area. Normally the left back or the pivot comes in more to be compact, but we have not been compact in any of the three goals,” he added.

The Italian coach did not spare his praise for his rival. “Atlético is one of the teams that defends best, not only in Spain. He is solid at the back, very organized, strong in duels. It is not easy to find spaces. “It has been a defensive problem and not an offensive one.”

Regarding Modric’s change and if he could feel singled out, Ancelotti declared. “We don’t point out anyone and pointing out Modric seems a little too much to me.. “I tried to get a little more forward to play more for centers because we were losing.”

I could have done it better. It’s pretty clear. When the team doesn’t do what it has to do, it’s my responsibility, but I have a very long back. No problem. Taking responsibility is the minimum. It’s my fault. “We are sad and angry, but so far we have done very well.”