Warned Mike Snoei sees awe at Telstar: “Players were filming”

It was striking how calmly Mike Snoei sat on the couch at Telstar. Despite the fact that his team was overrun by FC Groningen in the first half, he did not show himself on the line. And while the coach, who blew out 60 candles on Monday, is normally coaching fanatically. “I was warned in advance,” says the trainer who saw that his team was in awe of an unleashed FC Groningen.

Telstar trainer Mike Snoei: “Forewarned” – NH Sport / Erik-Jan Brinkman

After just six minutes, Luciano Valente gave the home team the lead. Not long afterwards, Danny Bakker from Telstar did his team a good service by taking a ball off the line. In short, it was one-way traffic in the opening phase. After 22 minutes, Valente scored his second of the match and made it 2-0 for FC Groningen.


“I think they hit the starting blocks,” says Mike Snoei, calmly analyzing afterwards. The Velsen team’s coach watched the relegated offensive with dismay. “If you’re in such a short time, you don’t get a chance to play football.”

“We knew in advance that it would be very difficult here”

Telstar defender Danny Bakker

“We had to run after the ball so much,” Bakker reflects in front of the camera in the Euroborg players’ tunnel. “Once we had the ball, we would have been destroyed. You can’t blame anyone for that, because everyone is doing their very best. However, that is the real picture of the first half.”

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Telstar defender Danny Bakker thought defeat was justified – NH News

After the break, the White Lions lost their trepidation and had a chance to equalize through Zakaria Eddahchouri. He headed well towards the corner, but goalkeeper Hidde Jurjus of FC Groningen tapped the ball wide.

“Guys come here and film the stadium”

Telstar trainer Mike Snoei


These are difficult weeks for the Snoei team. After the 1-4 visit to FC Den Bosch, the tide seemed to have turned, but then they lost 1-5 to Willem II, a 0-0 draw to Jong FC Utrecht and a fairly hopeless defeat against FC Groningen (2 -0). In the far north, Snoei saw that a number of players were in awe, which already arose before the match. “Guys come here and film the stadium.”

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Snoei: “Players are even filming the stadium” – NH Sport / Erik-Jan Brinkman

Telstar will play two more matches until the winter break. Next Friday the home match against FC Dordrecht awaits and on December 22 the Velsen residents will visit VVV-Venlo.

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