Wanted notice in Yle’s prison series: “The offense is serious”

Krista’s escape journey lasts almost two months.

– I am quite satisfied with the punishment I received, Krista says after she has been caught. Over

About women serving their sentences in an open prison Castle– an episode of the series will be shown on TV1 today, which has already been reported in advance.

Used drugs for 25 years Krista doesn’t come back from vacation as agreed, even though trial leave and soon after real leave were just around the corner. Nevertheless, he has taken off the leg brace with his own permission and is not answering the monitoring phone.

Hatka will be long: a good seven weeks. The return should have taken place on Boxing Day, but Krista will not be caught until February 15. It is based on a wanted notice. In the meantime, Krista’s room in the open prison has been emptied.

A disciplinary procedure meeting will be organized for Krista, which will be held in a good spirit. Over

Already From the arena in the next episode, we will find out what kind of punishment awaits Krista who went on a drug trip on vacation. It largely follows Krista’s own wish. He wants to complete his sentence in a closed prison. That is exactly where he is proposed to be placed.

– It feels really good to be in Hämeenlinna prison. I probably wouldn’t have made this decision if I hadn’t already hoped to get back here when I was in Vanaja. It goes pretty fast here because there are certain routines, Krista comments in the series.

In addition, he will receive a conditional solitary confinement of one day.

– My punishment for this matter was one day of “rundi”, i.e. conditional solitude. Now, if I mess up something or commit a foul during the sentence, I’ll have to be on the run for one day.

Johanna Erholtz works in the Vanaja open prison as the new unit manager. Over

Head of Unit Johanna Erholtz advocates the deputy director Tuija Muurinen proposal.

– The violation is serious. However, this is quite sufficient as a disciplinary punishment. Of course, I could think that it would be unconditional, but conditional is definitely enough at this point, says Erholtz.

According to Yle, Krista is serving a two-year sentence for identity theft and fraud. As a first-time offender, he will serve one year of his sentence.

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