Waldemar Torenstra plays the role of Marco Kroon from Den Bosch in the new feature film De Vuurlinie. The shooting for the film about the life of the discredited soldier started this summer.

    There are already several books about Kroon’s life in the bookshops, but now there is also a feature film. This film, previously announced under the name Under Fire, tells about Kroon’s work in the army. He was awarded the Military William Order for this. But his traumas and the events with which Kroon was discredited are also discussed.

    Dreamed protagonist
    “This story is the perfect balance between war, family drama, processing trauma and also the fascinating way in which we in the Netherlands deal with our heroes,” says director Roel Reiné. “Waldemar is a dream protagonist.”

    Mike Weerts from Overloon also plays in De Vuurlinie. Actress Sallie Harmsen can be seen as Mirjam, the girlfriend of Marco Kroon. Other roles include Tibor Lukàcs, Olaf Ait Tami and Steef de Bot. The film is slated to hit theaters in September 2023.

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