Waiting months for motorcycle lessons due to growing popularity of two-wheelers

More and more young people are buying a motorcycle. This is evident from figures from trade organization BOVAG, among others. Over the past ten years, the number of young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who bought a motorcycle has increased by almost fifty percent.

In 2014, almost 15 thousand young people bought a motorcycle. In 2023 there were more than 21 thousand. An increase of 44.6 percent. Motorcycling has certainly become much more popular. Because the number of people who obtained their driver’s license has also increased significantly. In 2014, more than 19 thousand driving licenses were issued. In 2023, that number increased by no less than 73.5 percent. Almost half of those people are young people.

They also notice this at Kreeft Opleidingen in Hoogeveen. You now have to wait about three months there before you can start lessons. “I think it is a trend,” says driving instructor Oni van den Berg. “Then a young person does it. And then two and then they see it from each other and they think: that seems like something to me too. Enjoy riding together.”

Lisanne Kamphuis can talk about that. “I come from a family where everyone rides motorcycles a lot, my father and my uncles. And more and more friends have their driver’s license. I think it would be fun to go away for weekends together on a motorcycle. You can do that faster than in a car.” go for a ride together.”

In Hoogeveen they mainly see that young people from the age of 21 come to get their driving license. “It really is a continuous upward trend,” says driving instructor Van den Berg, who has been giving driving lessons for more than forty years.

In any case, Lisanne has plenty of plans when she gets her driver’s license. “Buy a motorcycle! And book a weekend away, enjoy some touring,” she laughs. And she can book that weekend away, because at the end of the afternoon it turns out that she has passed her exam.