Waiting list for living on Weiteveens football field continues to grow

The c-field at the Weiteveen sports park is popular. Not to kick a ball there, but to live there. The plan to realize 21 homes on the sports field can count on widespread interest. After three months, 85 places on the waiting list have now been filled. In October there were still 60.

Last autumn, the plans for the conversion of the sports field were presented in the Veenloopcentrum in Weiteveen. A few years earlier, the village council submitted a plan to expand the local housing supply.

For seniors who want to live smaller and first-time buyers who are looking for an affordable home, there is currently little or no offer in Weiteveen. The result is that these groups are going to look outside the village.

After research, the unused c-field emerged as a suitable location. The plan offers space for three plots for detached houses, four plots for semi-detached houses and fourteen terraced houses. The terraced houses are developed on a project basis, the rest is offered as free plot.

The city council of Emmen will decide on the plan on March 30. After that, the implementation takes shape. The foundation stone is expected to be laid in 2024.

Since demand far exceeds supply, more suitable housing locations are already being looked at in the village. Village chairman Henry Schepers previously hinted that it concerns three locations.