Wagner’s leader accuses the Russian Army of bombing his positions and asks to attack his commanders

The head of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhinhas called this Friday to “Put a brake on” to the Russian military command, accusing it of bombarding their positions in the rear of the front with Ukraine. “The command committee of the Wagner group decided that those who have military responsibility in the country must be curbed,” Prigozhin announced in a audio messagecalling not to oppose “resistance” to his militiamen.

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The Russian army immediately denied having bombed bases of the Russian Wagner militia, as stated by the head of that group, evidencing the existing tensions between the Moscow forces fighting in Ukraine. “The messages and videos spread on social networks by Y. Prigozhin about alleged ‘bombing by the Russian Ministry of Defense against rear bases of the Wagner paramilitary group’ do not correspond to reality and they are a provocation“The ministry said in a statement.

Tensions with the controls

The tensions between the russian military commandersparticularly the Defense Minister, Sergei Shoiguand the chief of the General Staff, Valery GerasimovThey have been evident for months. Wagner’s leader has even accused them of not supplying them with enough ammunition during the bloody battle of bakhmutin which his militiamen carried the weight of attacks even threatening to abandon their positions. These last words pronounced this Friday constitute a verbal escalation fully fledged, and many observers see in them the start of a probable civil war within Russia.