Vrouw (61) in hair car doodschoten in Anderlecht: suspected opgepakt | Brussels

KIJK. The policy does not refer to the plaats delict

The fun takes place in the Gheudestraat. He was a 20-year-old young man who lived in a Zijstraat, where he was a woman in a hairdresser’s car and was exposed to politics.

“Around 7.20 p.m. in the Kreeg politiezone Zuid and a report that he was already in his car in a car,” rings out in the park. “Eenmaal ter plaatse waren de hulpdiensten al bezig met het reanimeren van het slachtoffer. The woman also knows how to look in the face. We were brought to the Sint-Pieterziekenhuis in Levensgevaar, where the arts and crafts were discovered. A little later the battle will be overtaken by the hair.”

Donderdagochtend vond a buurtbewoner norg a zak met kogels op a vensterbank, op enkele meters van de schietpartij. The policy is a perimeter in, there is also a ballistic expert and wet doctor in the area. Intussen will have an additional rights issue and the park will be opened in another area. The precision of the shooting part is still not duidelijk. All slopes have been opened at the moment, so that the first aanwijzingen has a link to the drug environment. He parked to bet that he was suspected of being oppacked.