Vrouw (41) did a encounter in woning: “Uit first bevindingen blijkt dat verder onderzoek nodig is” | Mechelen

In the Artemispad, one of the streets of the Schijfstraat in Mechelen-Noord, the next day a woman was found in a suspected apartment. He’s a 41-year-old woman. Politie en parket zijn a second time opgestart after doodslag.

Tim Van Der Zeypen, Wannes Vansina

Latest update:
16-09-23, 23:59

The Mechelse assistance services will be available from 5:00 p.m. in an apartment on the first verdieping. Volgens buren kwam first an ambulance and then a MUG team in the plaatse. “Even later, one political car arrives at the other,” says a mayor. In the Zelf apartment, the living room was met by a 41-year-old woman.

It is not accessible to the living room of the apartment. The policy is in a perimeter in. Also the Mechelse afdeling from the Antwerp park will be illuminated. “Naast het labo he will also have a wetsgeneesheer ter plaatse gestuurd,” reports parketwoordvoerster Lieselotte Claessens. “Het parket front ondertussen and onderzoeksrechter toar doodslag.”

Even later, the park is also on the right side. “The first time we got to the place, a large element was brought to the floor, so that it was clear that the other area was still there,” said the owner of the park.

Tomorrow he will also have an autopsy that will be carried out on his own. Now, as a result of the buurtbewoners, he becomes a man meegenomen door de politie naar het commissariaat. He’s about to go home. There will never be any loss, the man will be sent as a result of some information which has been collected and verified.