Volleyball, women’s A-1: ​​Chieri starts the year well and beats Casalmaggiore

Bregoli’s team takes a step forward in the standings. The moved memory of Vialli in Cremona

The return round of the women’s A-1 series begins, spreading the first day of the second phase over three days. In Cremona the advance was played with a tribute to Vialli.

Casalmaggiore-Chieri 2-3 (25-19, 19-25, 17-25, 25-20, 12-15) On the day of pain for Cremona and its sports world, for the death of a son of the city of Torrazzo, Gianluca Vialli, PalaRadi remembers the striker of Cremonese, Sampdoria, Juventus and the national team with an emotional minute of silence and with the dedicated banner by the local supporters group Passione Rosa. However, Trasporti Pesanti Casalmaggiore was unable to shake off the black beast Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri, despite a heated fight. The first two partials mirror each other: Casalmaggiore starts better and in fact is ahead by 4 points in all the so-called intermediates. Dimitrova is not there due to injury, but Frantti is a certainty (71% positivity) and Lohuis works very well in the center, even if he doesn’t score with the block. In all of this, the work of De Bortoli should also be underlined, who after the last Mvp title narrowly missed in the last one at home, confirms that he is in great shape. Chieri is no less, who overturns everything with Cazaute and Weitzel (66% in attack), but above all with Grobelna, who grows exponentially in the second set: 2 blocks, 10 points in the second set and above all a levitation from 22 to 72% of attacks to mark. The key moment is in the break that turns the set (and also the match, in the long run) from 8-6 Casalmaggiore to 11-16 Chieri. The third set seems to lead Chieri’s comeback from the beginning, who flies up to 16-7 thanks to a good job right from the serve. Casalmaggiore deludes himself that he can return, but Bosio is always sure of Grobelna, who crumbles the pink wall and, together, the hopes of keeping the set alive: 17-9. Frantti’s mistake slows down the second squad’s return at 18-12 and also explains the landlords’ 10% in attack. Chieri puts on the handbrake, but with that advantage he practically never risks. Grobelna immediately hits the serve (double ace and 2-5), Casalmaggiore responds with Perinelli: 11-9. Lohuis’ block on Rozanski brings the tie break closer: 15-11. A couple of errors under the net frustrate Chieri’s chances of returning and actually lead to the fifth. Which opens in the sign of the show with a couple of exchanges to remember. Melandri extends 9-7 but the point-to-point is in the fate of the partial: everything is decided on Cazaute’s serve with the 4-0 guest break which is worth the success. (John Gardani)