Volleyball: Super League, Desmet drags Padova, Verona to the carpet

The Belgian is decisive to win the Veneto derby. Garcia also did well

Only one advance in the sixth day of the men’s Super League. Tomorrow big match between Trento and Monza, Perugia and Piacenza and Modena-Civitanova


3-1 (25-17, 13-25, 25-20, 25-23) Padua Volleyball feat that beats Verona in the Veneto derby and puts three points in the freezer that are as unexpected as they are fundamental for their ranking. A victory that bears the indelible mark of Mathijs Desmet: the Belgian hammer, MVP of the match, took the weight of the Juventus attack on his shoulders, finishing with 23 points and 51 percent in attack, but above all by putting down attacks and aces in the decisive moments of the third and fourth sets. With him a rediscovered Gabi Garcia (20 points and 55 percent in attack) and a great performance also from libero Zenger. Stoytchev put Spirito back in the director’s chair and relied above all on Mozic and Amin, but he struggled more than usual in attack. The chronicle of the first two sets is without history: the first is dominated by Padova, the second by Verona. More balance in the third set with the teams arm in arm until 16 all before the final extension entirely signed by Desmet. The fourth is the best set: balance at the beginning, then Verona scores the 9-13 with Mozic. It seems like the decisive break, but Padova defends and beats great and scores at 14-14. And then it’s a head to head with Gabi Garcia who scores the ace for 20 all, then comes the error from Dzavoronok (22-21) which gives the “A” to the Juventus final stretch. Gardini closes at 25-23 amidst the jubilation of the Kioene Arena who well understands the importance of these three points. (Massimo Salmaso)