Volkan Demirel: We are not happy with the 1 point we got! – Last minute Hatayspor news

Hatayspor Coach Volkan Demirel, in his statement after the Sivasspor draw, said, “Of course, we are not happy with the point we received, but 1 point can be written as a plus today.”

In the 26th week of Trendyol Super League, Hatayspor drew 1-1 with Sivasspor in the match played at Mersin Stadium. Making a statement at the press conference held after the match, Hatayspor Coach Volkan Demirel stated that he could evaluate the match in two separate parts and said, “We could not get into the game very much in the first half. What did Sivasspor do against this? They tried to find positions with the transition game. In the first quarter of the match, they scored a goal with a nice shot from a set piece. They found it. Then they tried to keep the score. As for us, we started to get into the match a little more in the second half, which I think we should have done in the first half. Because as time runs out, it gets harder to score goals, as you know in football. When we look at the game we played in the second half, yes, the time we had the ball, the number of passes, we all had it. But we couldn’t create much in terms of position. As a result, we shot a shot from distance and in a position that could have been a penalty, the referee made it, but there was a penalty decision from VAR. I think it was a penalty. Because there was a contact in the position. But of course, the referee made a penalty decision. I don’t know what your comment was. As a result, we got 1 point together with Sivasspor. Of course, are we happy with the score we got? “We are not happy, but 1 point can be written off as a positive for today,” he said.

Emphasizing that the Konyaspor match they will play next week is a very important match, Demirel said, “It is also a very important match for Konya. I think we will look forward more comfortably by getting a good win from there.”