Volkan Demirel: Anyone who criticizes Hatayspor is like criticizing my family

A. Hatayspor defeated Y. Adana Demirspor 1-0 away in the 23rd week of the Trendyol Super League. Speaking at the press conference after the match, A. Hatayspor Coach Volkan Demirel said, “We are happy to get 3 points. There is a Hatayspor team that has not been able to win for 10 weeks. Maybe there were bad games from time to time, but we are a team that knows what we are doing. We have turned to defense for the last 2 weeks. Because “Football in our country is all about the score and the scoreboard you get. But our plan is much different. To ensure that Hatayspor can compete in every field in this league with very comfortable and confident steps for the next 3-4 years, without spending any money in this difficult period. I am trying to achieve this. “As of Friday, the Hatayspor team is perhaps the cleanest team in the Turkish leagues with zero debt. We have prepared the ground for the next 3-4 years with the players we have now. It is wrong to look at football only based on the position in the league. It is more important to structure the club,” he said.


Reiterating that he will be in Hatayspor until the end of the season, Demirel said, “I am relieved with the win we got today. It’s not me, it’s the transfer, all doors are open, I’m still here until the end of the season. Because I have a promise. I put Hatayspor as my family. I’m the one who comments and speaks about Hatayspor.” The family must be talking. That’s why they should talk knowingly. There was a little pressure on the players. Relax, we haven’t been able to win for a few weeks. It wouldn’t matter if we didn’t win this week, but I told them that if you win, they can turn this wind upside down. Today, too, we were the side that won by defending. The important thing was 3 points, and that’s all. “We got it,” he said.