Vivianne Miedema reopens Cruyff Court in Hoogeveen

Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema reopened the Cruyff Court in Hoogeveen this morning. The sports field has been renovated and was named after her: Cruyff Court Vivianne Miedema.

Miedema himself came to Hoogeveen for the opening. She shot a banner from a board with a ball, after which the new name of the football field was revealed.

A special moment for the Hoogeveen Miedema, because Hoogeveen is the place where she grew up and the football field is the place where she can often be found. “It’s the field where I played a lot of football myself, so it’s extra special for me. It’s great that we have such a field in Hoogeveen, we should use it,” she says in front of the RTV Drenthe camera.