Vivian Reijs promotes coffee with butter in BLVD, colleague is critically ill

Vivian Reijs has promoted drinking coffee with a large lump of butter in RTL Boulevard. One of the employees of the show section became seriously ill as a result.


Boontje comes for his paycheck: RTL Boulevard has been giving space to all kinds of nonos to make the most bizarre health claims for some time and as a result, one of its own employees has now become critically ill, namely Rob Goossens. “I had stomach cramps all evening and night from that stuff. One ass 🍑 and then I’m still mild,” he says X.

Butter coffee

What it is about? Rob, like his colleagues, had to taste coffee in the studio with a huge lump of butter in it. That’s good for you, said former Gold Coast actress Vivian Reijs in an item just before. She now calls herself a ‘hormone expert’ and RTL Boulevard gives you ample space to say all kinds of things.

Vivian: “A knob of butter can actually have many health benefits. Of course, caffeine already provides energy, but if you add butter and some fats to it, it gives more satiety, it makes your head very sharp and people can also lose weight. (…) It is actually so good for our body.”


Everyone knows that girl is completely cuckoo, but RTL Boulevard fully embraces her story. Science journalist Adriaan ter Braack finds it awkward. “RTL Boulevard shares ‘new’ trend (from 2014): bulletproof coffee. In other words, coffee with a lump of butter,” he writes X. “The expert: Orthomolecular Hormone Coach Vivian Reijs.”

And he talks a lot of nonsense, he continues. “She claims that it makes you sharp and can cause you to lose weight. There is of course no evidence for this. Experts advise against this because, surprisingly, it contains hardly any nutrients, but saturated fats contain even more. That sounds very logical, but apparently not for an editor of RTL Boulevard.”

Rob sick

Rob tasted it live on the broadcast and became deathly ill from it. When asked whether his hormones are now at least in balance, he answers: “I’m sitting at home with a head full of snot. Don’t know if that’s a symptom of hormonal imbalance, but it feels like hormonal imbalance.”

How science journalist Adriaan summarizes the whole issue? “Exhausting.”


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