Vivaro: explosion of a war device, 10-year-old boy dead

The explosion in the garage of the house. The grandfather hospitalized in serious condition

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A powerful detonation, then a heartbreaking cry: “Tell me how Gabriele is”. After that, Silvio Cesaratto, 73 years old, was knocked unconscious following the explosion of a war remnant in the garage of his home. With him the 10 year old grandson which was hit directly by the explosion. The rush to the hospital was in vain: unfortunately the little one He did not make it. The death occurred in Pordenone hospital.

the dynamics of the accident

The fatal explosion was caused by one of the war devices which were kept in that garage in via del Pozzo in Vivaro. With a breathless voice, Alessandro Ferluga, deputy mayor of Vivaro and family friend, told the Gazzettino to have heard the ambulance sirens and rushed to the scene. Neighbors reported hearing a loud explosion, which they initially thought came from the cellar. Only later did they realize it gravity of the situation when they saw the arrival of firefighters, ambulances and even a helicopter. When rescuers arrived on site, they faced a grave risk. The bodies of the young Gabriele and his grandfather Silvio were in fact nearby at the entrance to the garage, and firefighters immediately cordoned off the area for safety reasons. But it was not clear whether they were inside the building other devices ready to detonate. The bomb squad of the provincial command of the Carabinieri of Udine worked until late yesterday evening to find out what had caused the explosion. The arrival of theScientific Unit of the Pordenone Carabinieri for further investigation. According to preliminary observations, it appears that the exploded device did not have a high potential, considering the limited damage caused to the building.

“the whole country loved him”

The child was considered a sort of “darling” of the local community: cheerful, lively and full of dreams for the future. “He had a lively, particular intelligence” she recalls Ferluga. “He was a child like those of the past, as there are few now. Raised with love, he greeted everyone on the street. Things you rarely see nowadays.” He was “a real character” he commented, and he liked “doing trump competitions with the grown-ups at the local bar”. Competitions which he sometimes even won.