Vingegaard’s whole world: 9-year-old bike, broken femur, daughter Frida and carrot cake

Mom Karina remembers that her son had never won a race before he was seventeen, with the technicians of his club joking about his weight: “When the wind blows we are afraid it will fly away”

The Vingegaards used to come here on holiday, with their caravans, to the Bourg-Saint-Maurice campsite every July. Jonas was fifteen for the first time, the following years also brought a friend of him with them, and they all went out on their bikes together. By the time Daddy Claus reached the top of the hill, Jonas had already done five or six times up and down, back and forth. They climbed the Galibier, the Glandon, the Alpe d’Huez. “Jonas knows all the passes in the area, he has always loved the Tour de France”.