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The long track skating season will conclude this week with the combined World Championships all-round and World Championships sprint in Inzell, Germany. Only Jutta Leerdam (sprint world champion in 2022) defends her title, because the other outgoing champions (Thomas Krol, Irene Schouten and Nils van der Poel) have retired. Which Dutch people do participate and what does the program look like? Read it here.

The battle for the world title among the sprinters starts on Thursday and ends on Friday evening. The weekend is completely reserved for the all-rounders. The best all-rounders on the long track will be honored on Sunday afternoon, after the 5000 meters for women and the 10 kilometers for men.

Many eyes will be on Jordan Stolz this weekend. The only 19-year-old skating phenomenon would have been the top favorite among the sprinters, but opted for the all-round tournament because he saw it as a greater challenge. It is up to three-time world champion Patrick Roest to put the American sufficiently behind over the long distances.

Thursday March 7, World Sprint Championships

7:00 PM – 10:12 PM
500 meters women and men
1000 meters women and men

Friday March 8, World Sprint Championships

6:30 PM – 10:02 PM
500 meters women and men
1000 meters women and men

Saturday March 9, World Allround Championships

12.45 – 5.34 pm
500 meters women and men
3000 meters women
5000 meters men

Sunday March 10, World Allround Championships

1:15 PM – 5:17 PM
1500 meters women and men
5000 meters women
10,000 meters men

Dutch participants:

World Sprint Championships:
• Men: Jenning de Boo, Kjeld Nuis, Joep Wennemars
• Women: Jutta Leerdam, Femke Kok, Isabel Grevelt

World Allround Championships:
• Men: Patrick Roest, Chris Huizinga, Kars Jansman
• Women: Joy Beune, Marijke Groenewoud, Antoinette Rijpma-de Jong

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