VIDEO: Javier Milei sings “O Sole Mío” in Cariló

In the last days javier milei visited various towns in the Atlantic Coast in what he defined as the “Freedom Tour”. Upon arriving in Cariló, the deputy for Freedom Advances he sang with his followers “O My Sun”the popular Neapolitan song that has been performed by many of the most renowned lyrical artists, such as Placido Domingo Y Luciano Pavarotti. In a video that recorded the moment, he can be seen singing in the company of the legislator for La Libertad Avanza, Ramiro Marra.

The libertarian is a confessed fan of opera and lyrical singing. “I am a Puccini character”; he stated on one occasion, referring to the composer of operas as “Turandot”, “La Boheme” and “Tosca”. And it is that much of his style, bombastic and passionate, is reminiscent of the bombastic characters of the genre.

In 2018, in an interview he gave to the media infobaeMilei recounted that on one occasion she attended a meeting of the International Conference on Public Financean international congress that organizes the University of Cordoba. Those who participated in said congress, as its name suggests, were in favor of state intervention in finance matters, and they clarified to the libertarian not to go to congress “to provoke”.

However, they also recognized him as the best presenter, surpassed only by an Italian they knew at the congress who liked to sing his presentations. True to her disruptive style, Milei took the clarification as a challenge, closing her speech with a reversal of the song. “Toast”from the opera “La Traviata” of Giuseppe Verdi: ‘Spend and spend and spend and spend that is our fiscal rule. And if the income does not reach more there we will go to the Central Bank. And that will be inflationary, and that will be inflationary. If they don’t ease up on spending, then the crisis will come. Spend, and spend, and spend, and spend, that’s our fiscal rule,” Milei’s version read.

Milei defends her positions on opera with the same fervor and vehemence with which she defends her political and economic ideas. The writer and columnist for La Nación and Infobae, Alexander Bongiovanni, he said that on one occasion he and Milei were exchanging opinions about favorite opera singers. And when Bongiovanni singled out Maria CallasMilei was angry, saying that the famous diva was not really a good singer.

During his tour of the Coast, which included destinations such as pinamar, sea ​​of ​​silverY Villa GesellIn addition to Ramiro Marra, he was accompanied by his sister and adviser, Karina Mileythe national deputies victoria villaruel Y Carolina Piparo; the Buenos Aires legislator Oscar Zago; and referents and owners of their space as Juliana Santillan, Carlos Kikuchi and Sebastián Pareja. Although his followers greeted him with enthusiasm that the libertarian replied to, he was noted to be tired and with various physical ailments. The “tour” was full of criticism of the government, especially for its conflict with the Supreme Court of Justice. “This government wants to go after the judges because they don’t like rulings,” said the libertarian forcefully. On the 24th it will be presented in the city of Bariloche.

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