The deputy for Freedom Advances, javier mileitried to “traitor” to Ricardo Lopez Murphydeputy for the PRO. In the program “Beauty and Beast”conducted by Miguel Winazki Y carolina loving, the libertarian, was asked about the possibility of collaborating on an economic team with Lopez Murphy, who shares many of his pro-market ideas. To this, Milei replied that she could not sit down with López Murphy, since by being part of a “social democratic coalition” -as she defined the PRO- he had “betrayed the values ​​of freedom”.

    Given the economist’s response, winazki asked Milei about her approach to Patricia Bullrichpresident of the PRO. Both Milei and Bullrich have expressed their mutual sympathy on several occasions. “(Patricia Bullrich has not done the preaching that Lopez Murphy has done, she has not said the things that López Murphy said about me, calling me a “right-wing Kirchnerista”, a “Castroist”, a “Chavista” (…) No there is a return on those levels of betrayal.”

    “Not even if it’s the best for the country?” Wiñazki asked. “With traitors, no”answered Milei, final.

    In addition, Milei denounced that in Lopez Murphy’s army there were people who accused him of being a “Nazi”. “In the end, who are those on the left side? Them!” Milei declared.

    However, Milei stated that he would be willing to receive the hard wing of Together for Change (the so-called “hawks”), whose main reference is Patricia Bullrich, and who would even “give them an intern.” And if they win, we accompany. I’m here to accompany you,” said Milei

    In addition, the deputy did not rule out the possibility of being Bullrich’s Minister of Economy “if it were within a structure outside of Together for Change.” “Without the radicals, without the Civic Coalition and without the impoverishing lukewarm and bitter inoperative popcorn,” he clarified.

    by RN

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