Video: Forex trading – benefit from currency fluctuations

The forex market is many times larger than the stock market and offers investors high potential for gains. Traders speculate that the value of one currency will rise or fall compared to the value of another currency. The greater the fluctuation and the leverage used, the higher the return. The exchange rates are influenced, among other things, by the economic situation in a currency area or by the commodity markets. For example, if you own US dollars in times of interest rate increases, you can make big profits with forex trading. In the guide video you will learn all the important information about forex trading – watch it now and start trading forex!

Video: What is Forex Trading?  Tips for your success in forex trading

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In this video we explain how pricing occurs in the forex market. In our extra tip you will also learn what to look out for when choosing your forex broker. The team hopes you enjoy watching!

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