Vettel comeback? That’s what Nico Rosberg thinks

Will Sebastian Vettel return to Formula 1 as a driver? Many fans of the premier motorsport class are hoping for a comeback from the four-time world champion. Nico Rosberg thinks it makes sense to leave the door open.

“He’s only been out for a short time and why not when the right opportunity arises?” Rosberg told British TV channel Sky Sports.

“Why not think about it?” the 2016 world champion continued and added with regard to Vettel: “If he would enjoy it, then it makes sense to keep the door open.”

Rosberg can understand that many F1 fans want the Heppenheimer back on the starting grid. “Of course all the fans in the world would be happy if he came back because he is so popular,” said Rosberg.

Formula 1: Comeback? Sebastian Vettel doesn’t want to rule anything out

Vettel had recently publicly flirted with a return to Formula 1. When asked about a possible comeback, the 36-year-old told Sky: “I can’t say no because we don’t know. I can’t rule it out, but of course it would depend a lot on the timing.”

“But it’s not on my mind at the moment,” emphasized Vettel, who also referred to his advanced age as an athlete. The ex-driver ended his career at Aston Martin last year.

Formula 1: Four world championship titles with Red Bull

Vettel had his most successful time in Formula 1 working for Red Bull. Between 2010 and 2013, the Hessian celebrated four world championship titles with the successful team.

When he moved to Ferrari in 2015, Vettel fulfilled a childhood dream. In 2021 he joined Aston Martin. No further driver titles were won here. Vettel is currently enjoying time with his family and is also committed to environmental protection.