Vesa Parviainen’s perspective: Work. It continues. TPS must find drugs

Tappara has two rock-hard strengths that TPS must be able to meet, writes Vesa Parviainen.

The league finals will continue on Saturday in Turku. In the start are TPS’s Jack Rodewald and Tapparan’s Kyle Platzer. Jussi Saarinen / AOP

The first clear difference between the final teams of the League can be found in the special situations on display.

Tappara’s superiority power percentage of 31.82 is the best in the playoffs, and TPS’s 14.29 is only the sixth best.

Also in the percentages of the underpower game, Tappara (88.00) is better than the Ball Company (76.32).

It was no coincidence that the first final settled into special situations. In the match that ended in Tappara’s 2-1 victory, all goals were scored with superiority.

So the team played through their strengths.

Another striking asset of Tappara is its ability to elevate the level of its game as the match progresses.

This can also be seen from the statistics.

In his 11 playoff matches, Tappara has won the third set eight times and played it three times in a row. Not once has the third batch been lost.

The balance is a crushing 8-3-0 and the goal difference is 19-5.

The balance of the third rounds of TPS, which has played three more matches, is 5–4–5 and the goal difference is 13–10.

The opening of the final series followed the statistical probability when Tappara took the third set with Kristian Kuusela’s winning goal 1–0.

If you remove the “free” hits at the end, Tappara’s third installments are 6–5–0 and the goal difference is 14–5, and with TPS 4–5–5 and 11–10, respectively.

In the hits of the sequels, the sample is still small. So far, they are 1–1 for Tappara and 1–2 for TPS.

A comparison cannot be made one-on-one when teams have faced different opponents except for one mutual game.

TPS was much tighter against HIFK and Ilves than Tappara, with Luko and KooKoo, who were partly victims of the circumstances.

However, it can be concluded that the physical condition – Tappara’s traditional brand – is again made of steel.

The right conclusions were drawn in the club’s leadership and coaching when last season’s fourth place cut seven medal tubes in the playoff spring.

Tappara adjusted his training to better serve skating strength and endurance, and the results speak for themselves.

The new physics coach Tommi Pärmäkoski has done a good job.

Otto Leskinen, a Tappara pack who did his summer training at the Jokers and played at KHL until February, has taken note of the team’s strong finals.

– Maybe it comes from the fact that we play so well. Let’s press that own thing, then it will pay back that way.

The phenomenon described by the widow is known as the grinding of Tappara and even machine-like patience.

For these areas – special situations and third installments – TPS must find drugs, preferably today, if it is to realistically fight for the championship.

The people of Turku have a snack to come up with the right recipe.

It is known that no Tepes give leveling at least in the amount of work and make no mistake.

When TPS’s slogan in the 1980s was Gold is our color, it now reads as follows:

Job. It continues.


Championship final series program:

Wed 20.4. Tappara – TPS 2–1

Sat 23.4. TPS-Tappara

Ma 25.4. Tappara – TPS

Ti 26.4. TPS-Tappara

To 28.4. Tappara – TPS

Sat 30.4. TPS-Tappara

May 2.5. Tappara – TPS

Four wins are required for the championship.

The last three matches will be played as needed.