Vesa Nuotio remembers Georg Dolivo: “A great man”

Nuotio and Dolivo were friends, even though they didn’t have time to be in Kivikasvai at the same time.

Georg Dolivo passed away last week at the age of 77.

Cultural influencer and singer Georg “Jori” Dolivo passed away last Thursday at the age of 77. Wife Pia Dolivo confirmed to Iltalehte on Monday that her husband died exhausted by the disease.

Entertainment quartet The passing away of Dolivo, known from Kivikaskvoi, was a shocking news for the musician-presenter For Vesa Nuotiowho joined Kivikasvoi in 1989. Dolivo had left the band two years before and was lucky before Nuotion joined Kai Hyttinen.

Nuotio says that he became friends with Dolivo, even though they were not in Kivikasvoi at the same time.

– He was an intelligent, wonderful man. A real charming artist. I saw him last May when we appeared in Oodi and remembered Kivikasvoi’s TV shows and performances. That was the last time. It was a beautiful and bright spring, Nuotio recalls and says that he was Nestor of Kivikasvoje.

– Jorikin was younger, I am now 81 years old. We are now Kuju, (Ismo) Sajakorpi and I then remain.

Vesa Nuotio fondly remembers his friend who passed away. Ville Rinne

You have had severe liver disease, how are you?

– Well now, I move and compose, I make songs. I got a new liver in 2015 when I was undergoing a liver transplant. It was a big deal, but the journey continues, says Nuotio.

Nuotio doesn’t want to guess whether the rest of Kivikasvoje will sing at the funeral.

– I believe that the funeral will be small-scale, only the closest ones will be present. Have a good trip brother, a good memory was left.