Vesa Keskinen’s value car was finally sold: A scam in the background

Vesa Keskinen’s value car was already in the headlines earlier this year.

The valuable car was finally sold. Tuija Pekkala

Businessman Vesa Keskinen sold his 1979 Clenet Series I Roadster.

The car made headlines earlier this year, as the caller who bought the car at an auction in June turned out to be a fraud, as the buyer was never contacted. Contacted by Iltalehti, Keskinen says that this time the auction was successful.

The car has been with Keskinen for more than ten years, but now he ended up giving it up.

– I thought now would be a good time to give it up. The first sale did not go through the finish line, when the person who screamed the loudest couldn’t be found. The second time it went as it should.

Keskinen got 48,300 euros for the car.

– I am quite satisfied with the selling price and I believe that the buyer is too. In California, about a month ago, an exact same specimen with 30,000 more miles was sold, down to the interior and exterior color, for 70,000 dollars, or 65,800 euros. This individual went for 48,300 euros. Since only 250 of these have been produced, the prices will only rise in the future, Keskinen explains.

Vesa Keskinen is currently in Brazil with his family. Jenni Gästgivar

Keskinen is currently in Brazil with his family. Keskinen’s wife, Janet, is from the country.

– The time in Brazil passed peacefully. Warmth and sunshine – on the children’s terms, Keskinen tells his news.

Vesa Keskinen in an interview in 2019.