Very spicy joke about Eva Jinek on the radio: ‘Kwak van Freek!’

While Eva Jinek is enjoying her maternity leave, the morning show of Radio 538 made a very spicy joke about her and her ex-boyfriend Freek Vonk. “quack!”

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Eva Jinek is currently a happy family with her beloved Dexter van der Voorn, their son Pax and a baby on the way. Previously, the talk show diva had a very wild love life full of famous exes. Not only did she have a relationship with the politically incorrect Bram Moszkowicz, but she also formed a set with animal lover Freek Vonk for some time.

Spicy joke

Nowadays Freek is in the news because he is getting more and more colorful with all the antics he plays. This time he has again grown a whole colony of larvae in his legs. He recently filmed how the last larva came out of his leg. All very unsavory and according to Jan Slagter it is just attention grabbing.

Anyway: the whole situation has also been discussed in the program De 538 Ochtend. Comedian Rob Scheepers has a regular section there and he made a very spicy joke about Freek and Eva.

Quack from Freek

Rob makes the studio roar with his spicy joke: “A larva named Kwak has finally crawled out of Freek Vonk’s leg after three months. ‘So what? Freek’s quack ran down my legs for three months,’ says Eva Jinek.”

Radio makers Tim Klijn, Niels van Baarlen and Rick Romijn can’t stand it anymore and howl. “Hahahaha”, it sounds.

Slimy creature

That wasn’t all. Rob: “To prevent the filthy, slimy creature from multiplying further, they immediately destroyed it in an incinerator. The larva, on the other hand, has been donated to a zoo.”

The question is whether Eva can laugh at that first joke. The word ‘quack’ has a sexual connotation and the quack joke can therefore be perceived as vulgar or rude, depending on her personal limits. Although according to critics she will not be able to say much about this; they stated last year that Eva laughed at assault…