Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez will start the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday with a new Honda engine in their Red Bulls. With that, they go to their third power source of the season, with which both drivers are at the limit.

    Verstappen had an engine problem in the final phase of qualifying on Saturday, which prevented him from getting further than tenth on the grid. Pérez had a bad qualifying anyway and starts eleventh at the Hungaroring.

    Since the Grand Prix of Great Britain, the rules have been relaxed for changing engines, while the car is under the so-called parc fermé conditions. This is also allowed if an engine of a newer specification comes in, without this resulting in grid penalties.

    The most important condition is that the engine parts still fit within the limit that you can use as a driver in a season. That is the case with both Verstappen and Pérez.

    New combustion engine, turbo and parts of the hybrid system

    Verstappen gets a new combustion engine, turbo, MGU-H and MGU-K and a new exhaust system. There is a good chance that he will have to go to a fourth engine later in the season, which would result in penalties. His older engines are not immediately unusable. Pérez gets the same new parts.

    Pierre Gasly also gets a new Honda engine. The Frenchman was already at his limit, so he has to start from the pit lane on the Hungaroring.

    The Hungarian Grand Prix starts at 3 p.m., with George Russel in the Mercedes on pole position.