Verslavend en schadlijke inhoud? Europe opens online on TikTok | Nieuws

The European Commissie gaat onderzoeken of TikTok never rules heeft overtreden. The app has the ability to protect children, the privacy of minors is not protected and is not transparent enough to protect the children’s toes.

Yorick Dupon

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19-02-24, 19:28

own reporting, Reuters, Belga

The afgelopen maanden is the door to the Dagelijks bestuur van de Europese Unie a hoop information used in TikTok om a voorlopig onderzoek te kunnen voeren naar het social medium. On the basis of the commission, the grandchildren are given a copy of the book.

The Commissie’s decision to use the app takes its toll on users, with a risk for the physical and mental health of the users. The privacy and protection of minors can also be protected. This means that TikTok has a door-to-door database that has adverts on the platform and on-the-fly access to the information, but it is possible that it is never correctly looped.

“As a platform for young children and teenagers, TikTok has a bijzondere role that plays in the protection of minors who go online,” says Fransman Thierry Breton, European Commissaris for Internal Market, in a personal report.

New internet rules

These are all on the new internet rules of the Digital Services Act (DSA), which are the last two years of operation in the EU. As you can see, the TikTok has been sent to the DSA, the European Commissie iron can do so on the app. He’s going to have to pay a million euros.

“Minorage protection is a top priority of the DSA,” Aldus Breton.

With a total of 135.9 million dollars used in the EU state, TikTok within the DSA team is registered as a ‘big root online platform’ (VLOP), which is subject to the strictest financial regulations. There is a deadline for the afronding of the onderzoek.

TikTok works fine

A persagentschap Reuters laat a wordvoerder van TikTok bet that the bedrijf zal semenwerken met de Europeanse Commissie. “TikTok is the first function in the platform to be used by children who are 13 years old on the platform in the house. He was told that the industrial sector was in the worst condition.”

In December last year, the European Commission opened a form on the basis of