Verona Pooth likes lovely men and old values

Verona Pooth with her husband Franjo Pooth Photo: picture alliance / AAPimages/Lueders | AAPimages/Lueders

From BZ/dpa

The German presenter and entrepreneur Verona Pooth likes nice men.

“There are also friends who say, “He’s way too nice for me, I need a real guy” – but I like nice men,” said the 55-year-old on Thursday at the Frankfurt Book Fair. “I believe in old values, i.e. loyalty, sincerity, honesty.” It is also important to her to be there for others when things are not going well.

“There are of course new models where loyalty is not so important – I accept that too,” explained Pooth. However, this must be clearly defined at the beginning of the relationship.

“The longer you stick with someone, the less you can fit between them and the more strength you have to move on,” said the presenter, who has been married to the entrepreneur Franjo Pooth since 2004.


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