Vegetable puree soup is easy and cheap

Warming vegetable puree soup is the perfect winter comfort food.

You can put bacon crumbs or seeds on the surface of the soup to bring crunch. Adobe Stock/AOP

The beauty of vegetable puree lies in its practicality. What better way to use up wilted vegetables than to throw them into a pot to simmer? Almost any vegetable can be dipped in vegetable puree soup, which prevents wastage and thus saves money.

In this recipe, potato, carrot, cauliflower and onion are put in the pot, but as stated, the ingredients can and should be modified according to what vegetables you happen to find in the cupboard. Tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli and, for example, parsnips are also perfect for the soup.

Vegetable puree soup

1 liter of vegetable broth

4 potatoes

2 carrots

1 cauliflower

1 onion

4 cloves of garlic

2 dl cooking cream

0.5 tsp black pepper

1. Peel and chop the vegetables and cook them until soft in vegetable broth.

2. Purée the cooked vegetables with their broth in a blender.

3. Pour the soup into the pot and add the cream and spices. Reheat the soup once more.

4. If you wish, you can add bacon crumbs or pumpkin seeds to the surface of the soup.