Veenvaart Ahoy! 10 years of peat navigation in South-East Drenthe. From Veenpark to Emmer-Compascuum

The peat boat tour is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. The sailing route from New Amsterdam to Ter Apel completed the Drenthe tour in 2013 with the intention of attracting more tourists to the Peat Colonies. After ten years, RTV Drenthe takes stock from the water: what there is to do in the area, what has boating recreation done for the area and what can still be improved on the route.

The sad “Johannes Veldkamp” leaves today from the Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum to Emmer-Compascuum. There is a special overnight stay for boaters in the peat park. Presenter Janet Oortwijn takes the opportunity to delve extensively into the history of peat extraction. How did the peat workers live in the past and whether or not there was great poverty. During the boat trip to Emmer-Compascuum, historian Jan Kalter tells more about the extraction.