Van Gogh’s potato eaters take on color in Emmen

The Potato Eaters: It is one of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings. A colorful version of The potato eaters is being made in Emmen under the direction of visual artist Brigitta van Hilst.

This year Drenthe is dominated by Vincent van Gogh. It is 140 years ago that the world-famous painter set foot on Drenthe soil. “I didn’t want to be left behind and do something for the people from Emmen and the surrounding area. It has become a fun project that everyone can participate in,” says Van Hilst.

Van Hilst deliberately chose this painting by Van Gogh. “This is a dark painting, so the colors had not yet been determined. If I had chosen the sunflowers, for example, everyone would use the color yellow and I wanted to create something new.”

Every Tuesday morning anyone who feels like painting a small square can walk into De Lindenhof. The painting has to be finished in two months and there is still a lot to do. “So come along!”

Curious what the painting looks like? Then watch the video below.