Valtteri Bottas was mercilessly nailed on Viaplay – “Now you have to be worried”

Ossi Oikarinen gave Bottas no mercy.

Valtteri Bottas’ pace is completely missing. PDO

Valtteri Bottas’ F1 race in Australia became a real stomach-churner. The Finn finished 11th and without World Championship points, even though almost half of the drivers crashed and ruined their own race.

Viaplay’s expert Ossi Oikarinen criticized Bottas’ performance in harsh words.

– That’s not acceptable. We cannot be satisfied with that. As Valtteri himself said, now you have to be worried, Oikarinen sharpened.

– The car didn’t run in the Saudis, and now we couldn’t achieve anything in qualifying. Then we came to the race, we changed setup and we left the pit to test something new. And still the ski doesn’t slip.

Watch the expert’s relentless comments in the video. The F1 series can be watched on Elisa Viihde Viaplay and V Sport channels.

After a promising opening race, Bottas’ season has turned into a complete plunge.

– There is now a fundamental error somewhere. Now you have to sit down with the team and think, “really, where are we going with this now setup with”, Oikarinen said.

Toni Vilander wondered on Viaplay how Bottas’ Alfa Romeo looks like a downright broken car at the moment. You can’t find the pace at all.

Alfa Romeo’s second driver, the Chinese Guanyu Zhou, finished ninth in Australia and grabbed two World Championship points.

– Valtteri should always be 10–20 seconds ahead of his teammate in the race length. Then we would be in a normal situation. If we drive in places 12 and 16, then Valtteri should be the 12th and not the Chinese team mate. That’s why I’m really worried, Vilander said.